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Interface a camera to nNovia QC120 A2D2 recorder



This wiki describes a circuit that I decided was necessary to be able to neatly interface the nNovia QC120 A2D2 recorder to a Sony DXC-325P camera with CA-325P studio back.

This interface deals with translating VTR start/stop signals from the camera into GPI signals to pause and resume the recorder when it is in record mode.

There is also the possibility of getting it to communicate with the nNovia RS-422 port and using this protocol to control the device.

In addition to the device control, there will also be XLR Balanced line input to be converted to unbalanced line level.


<A HREF="%ATTACHURLPATH%/Camera-A2D.jpg"> <img alt="Schematic" src="/twiki/pub/Custard/CameraA2DInterface/Camera-A2D_t.jpg" /> </A>

I'm still working on the final design. I have built the PIC 16f872 based circuit that controlls the nNovia via the GPI control lines and this seems to work very well.

The next step with the PIC interface is to try controlling the RS232 port on the nNovia to start and stop the deck and get its status.

I will be prototyping the Preamp shortly. I have a plan to use the A2D interfaces on the PIC to drive an LED PPM or VU meter on the front panel of the case.

Source code

Attachment of nNovia and the Interface to the camera.

<A HREF="%ATTACHURLPATH%/DSC_1210.JPG"> <img alt="nNovia and Interface attached to camera" src="/twiki/pub/Custard/CameraA2DInterface/DSC_1210_thn.JPG" /> </A> <A HREF="%ATTACHURLPATH%/DSC_1211.JPG"> <img alt="Interface with cover removed" src="/twiki/pub/Custard/CameraA2DInterface/DSC_1211_thn.JPG" /> </A>

Unofficial Sony DXC-325P and CA-325 Manual

This is a collection of information that I have gathered from experience with using the Sony DXC-325P Camera and information on the CA-325 Camera adapter.

DXC-325P Camera


CA-325 Camera adapter

14 Pin connector pinout.

VTR Switch
  • 1 - CCU
  • 2 - VTR
  • 3 - VTR
  • 4 - VTR
*1* Gnd
*2* 10.6-17V
*3* Mic out (x) Intercom out (x) -60dbs / -20dbs 600R
*4* Mic out (y) Intercom out(y) -60dbs / -20dbs 600R
*5* Mic gnd Intercom gnd
*6* Composite Video out / Y out *(1) Composite Video out

1V p-p 75R

*7* Composite Video gnd Composite Video gnd
*8* Return Video gnd Return Video gnd
*9* Return Video in Return Video in 1V p-p 75R
10 Battery Alarm in Serial I/O
11 Chroma out *(1) Red out 0.7V p-p 75R
12 Rec/Alarm in *(2) Green out *(2) / 0.7V p-p 75R
13 VTR 5V open, 0v closed. Tally in
14 Power Save out / Audio Monitor in Blue out  ? / 0.7V

p-p 75R

  • 1 - VBS/YC Switch
  • 2 - 0v - VTR Off, 2.5v - VTR Standby, 5V - VTR Rec, 2.5v-5v 1Hz - VTR Alarm


-- Main.BruceJames - 06 Sep 2007