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Choosing an appropriate Karting class.

  • Seniors: from age 16 (experienced juniors may move into these classes from their sixteenth year)
  • TKM Extreme: a 115cc traditional air-cooled 2-stroke engine with chassis made especially for the class. Very strong in the Midlands and some other areas but not raced universally any more. Top speed about 70mph. More details from Tal-Ko, www.tal-ko.com
  • Senior Rotax Max: a modern 125cc TAG class (electric self-starter), raced almost everywhere. More details from JAG, www.jag-rotax.com
  • 100 National: a class for traditional 100cc highly tuned and high-revving mostly water-cooled 2-stroke engines, top speed 85mph on certain tracks. Usually only raced in certain championships and some clubs
  • Formula A & ICA, being replaced by KF1 and KF2: The premier championship classes, not for beginners.


TKM Extreme / Rotax Max / 177