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Shorinji Kempo

Our first experiences

In about November 2005, I was looking around for either a Karate or Tai Chi class to join with Lika, and one day whilst I was with my daughter swimming at the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth I picked up some leaflets, one for just about every martial art there is. Out of the pile, we narrowed the choice down to about two based on the training times, then chose Shorinji Kempo as it looked the most useful and didn't seem over competitive.

So we phoned Sensei Russell Jenkins, and arranged to attend the next session on Monday. We arrived at our first session feeling slightly nervous, but we were greeted by Nikki and welcomed to the club. We found everybody very friendly and our first session was very interesting. We were taught the basic stances, kicks and punches, and an elude. After one session we were hooked, and have been attending regularly since.

First Grading - Yellow Belt

That seems like a long time ago now and in May 2006 we passed the 4th Kyu Grading and can wear Yellow belts. It all starts feeling a bit more serious now with more techniques to learn as well as being expected to know the techniques we learned so hard for the grading.


In April 2006, we decided to visit the New Milton Dojo run by Sensei Adrian Starr. We actually attend the juniors session on Saturday mornings so we can take Abigail along. She has her own Gi now, and joins in the classes although being very young isn't expected to attempt everything. She is quite interested, and when she is not practising her rolls (Ukemi) or the warm ups which are her favourite activities, she sits at the side and watches, taking it all in. It is surprising how much kids learn like this. For instance, she can count to ten in Japanese now without us having taught her specially.

Second Grading - Green Belt

We took the green belt grading in November 2006. This grading was much harder as there are twice as many techniques to learn and the Sensei taking the grading will be looking much more closely at the details of the techniques. Also the homework is a little bit harder and requires more reading up of not only the Tokuhon but other background materials.


We were aiming to grade by August, but we have had to put this back now due to personal circumstances. I am hoping to start Shorinji kempo again early in 2008...


So after a while away, we're back. A bit by surprise Abigail announced one day that she'd like to go back to Shorinji Kempo which is now held at Sway. She's been back since May and has been training really hard and has now (in October) passed her extremely well earned Yellow tag grading. We're extremely proud of her achievement especially as it was all completely her choice.


Abigail did her first grading and got her yellow tag.



Abigails first senior grading where she has become Yellow Belt.


  • 2nd Kyu Syllabus annotated. ShorinjiKempoSyllabus2ndKyu
  • 2nd Kyu Gakka. ShorinjiKempoGakka2ndKyu

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