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Dual band 2m / 70cm radio.

Putting the Yaesu FT-8500 into extended receive mode

To extend the receive range to 500 MHz press the Home & Scan buttons while switching the radio on.

To extend the range to 999 MHz, first perform the above procedure, and then follow these steps:-

  • Set the step size to 10 KHz from the menu
  • Enter 530 MHz using the keypad
  • Move down 10 KHz using the joystick
  • Move up 1 MHz using the joystick
  • Enter 917 MHz using the keypad
  • Store the frequency in memory

Replacing the internal battery

After a few years the internal battery runs down causing the radio to lose it's settings when unpowered.

I didn't have any suitable batteries available as it was a soldered in type of lithium cell.

So I replaced the soldered in cell with a wired in cell holder which holds a CR-2430 cell with a larger capacity so it needs replacing less frequently. I think the last time I replaced it was in 1999 and it's 2011 now!